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Science for Students of Leather Technology by R. Reed (Eds.)

By R. Reed (Eds.)

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In tanning, dyeing and fat-liquoring, various chemicals move into the skin, whilst in liming and bating, unwanted materials migrate to the surface and pass into the surrounding liquor. Although diffusion can play a predominant role in these processes, an important complication to the migration of substances arises from the porous nature of skin and leather. The initial stage of drying a very wet hide, for instance, involves the movement of water along the interfibrillary spaces (see Chapter 6) to the surface, from which evaporation occurs.

It is customary to plot pcH against the percentage neutralized (or titrated) at constant volume, although a pH meter would record paH in almost all practical instances. Such curves are of considerable value in deciding upon the correct indicator for use with the analytical determination of acid, or salt concentrations (see Vol. 6). They are also important in connection with buffer systems (see later). Strong acids. g. H+ + Cl- + Na+ + O H " ^ N a + + Cl" + H 2 0. At any stage during the neutralization, but before the equivalence point is reached, the pcH of the system will be determined by the concentration of hydrogen ions that is present.

61) may result. These have excellent electrical resistance, especially at those temperatures at which ordinary insulating materials based on carbon atoms break down rapidly. The methyl chlorosilanes find extensive application in coating materials such as leather, paper, wool, glass and ceramics with a 58 Science for Students of Leather Technology water-repellent film. Thus by exposing these materials to the vapour of trimethylchlorosilane (CH3)3SiCl, they become coated with a layer of: CH 3 CH 3 CH 3 Si I o groups, through reaction with hydroxyl groups in their surface (CH3)3SiCl + OH ...

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