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Anwendung von RFID-Systemen

Die Radio-Frequenz-Identifikation (RFID) dient seit etwa 15 Jahren zur Identifikation von Personen, Objekten und Tieren. Mit der inzwischen intestine entwickelten Technologie können heute Rationalisierungen in vielen Wirtschaftsbereichen erreicht werden. Das Buch bietet eine Darstellung bestehender Anwendungen und Technologiegrundlagen sowie eine Beschreibung der Möglichkeiten und Grenzen von RFID.

RFID-Leitfaden für die Logistik: Anwendungsgebiete, Einsatzmöglichkeiten, Integration, Praxisbeispiele

Das Buch erläutert anhand zahlreicher Praxisbeispiel die Grundlagen der RFID-Technologie, sowie deren Einsatzgebiete. Die Autoren geben Antworten auf die wichtigsten Fragen und veranschaulichen gleichzeitig die Möglichkeiten der Technologie.

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Bbb) and hex (#RRGGBB) form inside a big box that has the selected color as background. r) colors: copy [] words: first system/words forall words [ if tuple? get/any in system/words words/1 [ append colors words/1 ] ] 15. Create a dialog with which you can send emails. r) 16. Display the number of days between now and your birthday. r) 54 Draw This chapter covers rendering of graphics primitives such as lines, polygons and circles. It is a good idea to read the chapters on REBOL/View in general and the layout description dialect VID first as these are very good sources for getting a decent grasp of the details behind /View.

We have to somehow get and modify the input so we can do something with it. ( code ) copy target var: :var the code is interpreted upon reaching this point copies text of next match to target gets string into var sets string to var By combining grammar rules with executable REBOL code you can do powerful parsers. 45 Object! CGI & r80v5 embedded REBOL Network Programming Webserver Instant Messenger 46 XML-RPC XML remote procedure calls – a simple way to communicate with the outside world through the use of standard protocols.

Up to eight lengths may be specified. After that the pattern repeats itself. pen navy none line-pattern 4 4 1 4 ;dash-dot box 10x10 80x80 line-pattern ;solid again box 20x20 90x90 line-pattern without parameters sets the style back to a solid line. 3 of View and VID (check at startup), a bug with background colors and line-patterns was discovered. Filling areas With flood you flood fill the area around a given point with the fill-pen foreground color until any other color is reached. pen sky fill-pen white line 20x30 50x80 80x30 20x30 line 20x65 50x15 80x65 20x65 flood 50x50 58 You can also specify a border color.

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