Encyclopedia of Forensic Science (Facts on File Science by Suzanne Bell PH.D.

By Suzanne Bell PH.D.

Collecting the center issues of forensic technological know-how and offering an outline, this encyclopedia presents greater than 12 essays that describe how forensic technology pertains to components corresponding to drug trying out in activities, privateness matters, misconceptions approximately forensic technology, and the interface of forensic engineering and forensic technological know-how.

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18 analgesics Example structures of different steroids, all based on the same steroid “nucleus” Anabolic steroids and their metabolic products are detected in blood and urine using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (gc/ms) and other toxicological techniques. Masking agents are sometimes used to disguise steroid use, but even if the steroids and their metabolites are not detectable, the masking agents usually are. A famous recent case occurred at the Olympic Games in 1988, where Canadian Ben Johnson won the 100-meter dash in record-setting time, only to have his gold medal taken away two days later when his urine tested positive for stanozolol, an anabolic steroid.

The term gunpowder now commonly refers to smokeless powder even though historically the term has been applied to both smokeless and black powders. The function of the primer is to ignite the powder. The primer consists of a shock-sensitive material that explodes when struck by the firing pin. Flash holes direct the explosion to the propellant where ignition occurs. Older ammunition and smaller caliber ammunition use a rimfire cartridge in which the primer runs around the circumference of the rim while other rifle and pistol ammunition use centerfire cartridges.

However, she did have an operation before her death, and the hospital had retained a portion of her tissue. DNA analysis proved that she was not related to the Romanovs. While Anastasia’s fate cannot be known for certain, the likelihood is that she died with her family. Further Reading Glausiusz, J. ” Discover, January 1994, 90. , and M. Browning. ” In Dead Men Do Tell Tales. New York: Doubleday, 1994. Quinn-Judge, P. ” Time, July 27, 1998, 34. animal hairs and fibers See fibers; hairs. anisotropy An optical property of some crystals and fibers useful in the forensic analysis of evidence such as dust, soil, and fibers.

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