Decimal arithmetic encoding V0.96 by Cowlishaw M.

By Cowlishaw M.

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Anwendung von RFID-Systemen

Die Radio-Frequenz-Identifikation (RFID) dient seit etwa 15 Jahren zur Identifikation von Personen, Objekten und Tieren. Mit der inzwischen intestine entwickelten Technologie können heute Rationalisierungen in vielen Wirtschaftsbereichen erreicht werden. Das Buch bietet eine Darstellung bestehender Anwendungen und Technologiegrundlagen sowie eine Beschreibung der Möglichkeiten und Grenzen von RFID.

RFID-Leitfaden für die Logistik: Anwendungsgebiete, Einsatzmöglichkeiten, Integration, Praxisbeispiele

Das Buch erläutert anhand zahlreicher Praxisbeispiel die Grundlagen der RFID-Technologie, sowie deren Einsatzgebiete. Die Autoren geben Antworten auf die wichtigsten Fragen und veranschaulichen gleichzeitig die Möglichkeiten der Technologie.

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A cosinelike signal that has been advanced by 90º in phase), the Q component of the signal will be downconverted. 6. The mixers are often of the Gilbert cell type (see Chapter 11). 6 29 A block diagram of an I/Q demodulator. puts will be filtered before further amplification. In high-IF-frequency systems, this filter will most likely be an off-chip band-pass filter. In low- (or zero) IF-frequency systems, this filter will most likely be an on-chip low-pass filter. A key element in making an I/Q mixer work properly is generating the 90º phase shift between the two LO signals.

Signal constellations are very important tools for understanding phase-modulated digital signals because each of the phase states on the constellation diagram corresponds to a digital signal level. 3) where is one clock period. A simple example of phase modulation is binary phase-shift keying (BPSK). 1. 1: the first is Acos( 1t), and the second is –Acos( 1t). An SP2T switch, which is activated by the data stream, switches back and forth between the two generators. We will associate a digital 1 with Acos( 1t) and a digital 0 with –Acos( 1t).

In the case of InGaP/GaAs HBT technology, the design rules give the designer a complete set of layout rules, which in effect tell what physical limitations have been encountered by the fabrication equipment at the foundry’s wafer-fabrication facility. For example, a design rule requiring a minimum line width for a particular metal layer informs the designer of the foundry’s photolithographic equipment’s resolution limits for that particular layer. Design rules assure the designer that his or her RFIC design can be fabricated to the dimensions and tolerances required by the design.

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