Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide. A complete guide to shell by Cooper M.

By Cooper M.

The complicated Bash Scripting consultant is either a reference and an academic on shell scripting. This entire booklet (the an identical of approximately 646 print pages) covers virtually each point of shell scripting. It comprises over three hundred profusely commented illustrative examples, and a few tables. not only a shell scripting instructional, this booklet additionally presents an advent to easy programming concepts, comparable to sorting and recursion. it really is like minded for both person examine or school room use.

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33 Advanced Bash−Scripting Guide echo; echo escape=$'\033' # 033 is octal for escape. echo "\"escape\" echoes as $escape" echo; echo exit 0 See Example 35−1 for another example of the $' ' string expansion construct. " # Hello # "Hello", he said. \$ gives the dollar sign its literal meaning (variable name following \$ will not be referenced) echo "\$variable01" # results in $variable01 \\ gives the backslash its literal meaning echo "\\" # results in \ The behavior of \ depends on whether it is itself escaped, quoted, or appearing within a here document.

Nested if/then Condition Tests 50 Advanced Bash−Scripting Guide fi See Example 35−3 for an example of nested if/then condition tests. 5. Testing Your Knowledge of Tests The systemwide xinitrc file can be used to launch the X server. This file contains quite a number of if/then tests, as the following excerpt shows. Xclients elif [ −f /etc/X11/xinit/Xclients ]; then exec /etc/X11/xinit/Xclients else # failsafe settings. Although we should never get here # (we provide fallbacks in Xclients as well) it can't hurt.

Comparison operators (binary) 48 Advanced Bash−Scripting Guide # # As Stephane Chazelas points out, # if [ $string 1 ] has one argument, "]" # if [ "$string 1" ] has two arguments, the empty "$string1" and "]" echo string1=initialized if [ $string1 ] # Again, $string1 stands naked. " fi # Again, gives correct result. # Still, it is better to quote it ("$string1"), because... string1="a = b" if [ $string1 ] # Again, $string1 stands naked. " fi # Not quoting "$string1" now gives wrong result! exit 0 # Also, thank you, Florian Wisser, for the "heads−up".

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