Adsorption and Ion Exchange with Synthetic Zeolites. by Flank

By Flank

content material: the answer thought modeling of fuel adsorption on zeolites / Arthur W. Woltman and William H. Hartwig --
Mathematical modeling of adsorption in multicomponent structures / Alexander P. Mathews and Walter J. Weber, Jr. --
examine of combination equilibria of methane and krypton on 5A zeolite / K.F. Loughlin and G.D. Roberts --
obvious floor diffusion results for carbon dioxide/air and carbon dioxide/nitrogen combos with pelleted zeolite beds / Richard T. Maurer --
impression of presorbed water at the sorption of nitrogen by way of zeolites at ambient temperatures / Donald Peterson --
Selective sorption homes of zeolites / R.M. Dessau --
4 crystal buildings of BaxNa₁₂₂x-A (1[less than or equivalent to] x [less than or equivalent to] 6) in terms of the instability of barium-exchanged zeolite A towards dehydration / Yang Kim, V. Subramanian, Roger L. Firor, and Karl Seff --
The influence of oxygen of photoluminescence and resonance strength move in copper (I) Y zeolite / D.H. Strome and okay. Klier --
coaching of copper(II)-exchanged Y zeolites from sodium and ammonium Y zeolites / Richard G. Herman and John B. Bulko --
Lead and cadmium ion trade of zeolite NaA / Elliot P. Hertzenberg and Howard S. Sherry --
Liquid section drying functions of zeolites / George W. younger, Joseph R. Kiovsky, and Pramod B. Koradia --
Separation of n-paraffins from wax distillate with supercritical fluids and molecular sieves / Paul Barton and David F. Hajnik --
Polybed pressure-swing adsorption hydrogen processing / R.T. Cassidy --
Separation of hydrogen sulfide-hydrogen combinations by way of heatless adsorption / M.D. Whitley and C.E. Hamrin, Jr. / a brand new strategy for adsorption separation of fuel streams --
George E. Keller, II and Russell L. Jones.

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In this paper we report experimental and theoretical results on the sorption of methane and krypton on 5A zeolite. The sorption of methane i n the 5A cavity i s reported to be nonlocalized (9), whereas that of krypton i s localized at a cavity site and window site (10). The multicomponent form of the isotherm of Schirmer et a l . i s used to interpret the experimental data and to predict mixture equilibria at other concentrations. Theory In the model of Schirmer et a l . ) for sorption i n zeolites, the canonical partition function q(i) i s expressed as g(i)X assuming the residual contributions of moments, rotations and internal motions are unchanged in moving from the gas to the sorbed phase.

T - E. T - E. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1980. 3. LOUGHLIN AND ROBERTS CH k 57 & Kr Mixture Equilibria The index m, representing the maximum sorption i n the cavity, may be derived from considerations of the z e o l i t i c cavity volume and molar volume of the sorbate, as ι < ν/β. However Schirmer et a l . ) state that a maximum of 6 terms has been used i n their work. The extension of this model to a multicomponent sorbate is straightforward, and presented elsewhere by the authors (8K The binary isotherm equation i s η m Ρ /Ρ Λ , Λ S/Γ - Ε 4 Α ΟχΙ / Β o j _ _£ £-]} Σ Σ ΐ ί - ^ Γ (-fjf-y expUD RT j=o i=o ο ο N A / C / Ρ Γ 1 .

Eng. , 1964, SA3, 79. 23. Hiester, Ν. ; Chem. Eng. , 1952, 48, 505. 24. Keinath, T. ; Weber, W. ; "A Mathematical Model for Prediction of Concentration-Time Profiles for Design of Fluid-Bed Adsorbers," Tech. , Res. Project No. WP00706, Fed. Water Poll. S. Dept. of Interior, April 1968. 25. ; Smith, J. ; AIChE J . , 1974, 20, 88. 26. Toor, H. ; AIChE J . , 1957, 3, 198. 27. Fitts, D. ; "Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics," McGraw Hill, New York, 1962. RECEIVED May 13, 1980. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1980.

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