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Acute Leukemias V: Experimental Approaches and Management of by Leo Sachs (auth.), Prof. Dr. W. Hiddemann, Priv.-Doz. Dr. W.

By Leo Sachs (auth.), Prof. Dr. W. Hiddemann, Priv.-Doz. Dr. W. Plunkett, Prof. Dr. T. Büchner, Prof. Dr. J. Ritter, B. Wörmann M.D., Ph.D., M. J. Keating M.D., B.S., Prof. Dr. U. Creutzig (eds.)

This quantity, the 5th in a sequence on acute leukemias, focuses really on fresh easy study effects and novel healing ways to the disorder. facets of leukemia mobilephone biology, together with differentiation, the mechanisms of drug resistance, the pharmacology of cytostatic brokers and the result of medical trials in relapsed and refractory affliction are lined through awesome foreign specialists within the respective fields. destiny advancements together with new brokers and new remedies comparable to unrelated bone marrow transplantation, immunotargeting and gene remedy entire a cutting-edge summery of present wisdom in experimental leukemia therapy.

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HRX ~: ...... ~ ,... , ('1,1 .. 4 .. '" ...... "' ...... le6le7JnnwbZ~ "'~... '"... 2 le6l e ? •• ;;J::C~ MV, I ', 120 110,127, 132, 124 :s ::! l. Schematic representation of heterogeneous fusion transeripts in pre-pre- B-ALL. e = exon. Exon assignment as in Table 4 19 Table 5. HRX (A) and FEL (B) exon assignment as in Table 4 e6 e7 e8 n infant adult 0 7 4 6 2 0 6 13 n 7 10 2 19 b c n A B a infant adult n 6 10 0 3 0 0 6 13 16 3 0 19 Table 6. HRX (A) and FEL (B) exon assignment as in Table 4.

At high doses these compounds used in cancer chemotherapy and irradiation kill ceils by ind- ucing programmed ceil death, whereas at low doses they can induce differentiation. Not all these compounds are equaily active on the same leukemic clone [2,51]. A variety of chemicals can also induce differentiation in clones that are not induced to differentiate by anormal hematopoietic cytokine, and in some D - clones induction of differentiation requires combined treatment with different compounds [51].

Of Haematol33: 329-331, 1982 Civin CI, Strauss LC, Brovall C, Fackler MJ, Schwartz JF, Shaper JH: Antigenic analysis of hematopoiesis: A hematopoietic progenitor cell surface antigen defined by a monoclonal antibody raised against KGla cells J. Immunol. ,Ehrsam A, Fiere D: Surface marker expression in adult acute myeloid leukemia: correlation with initial characteristics, morphology and response to therapy. Br. J. Haematol72: 161-166, 1989 Huang S, Terstappen LWMM: Formation of haematopoietie microenvironment and haematopoietic stern cells from single human bone marrow stern cells.

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