A Time to Heal by Barbara Cameron

By Barbara Cameron

Chris Matlock, a wounded and weary ex-soldier, simply wishes peace in his existence, and he believes he’s came upon it while he visits Matthew and Jenny Bontrager. He envies their happiness and straightforward lifestyles yet doesn’t think that that existence is intended for him. whilst he meets Matthew’s sister, Hannah, a small spark of wish flares inside of him. regardless of the conflict of cultures among the previous army guy and the pacifist Amish lady, Chris and Hannah fall in love. Chris settles into lifestyles locally, aiding Matthew with the farm. Then the threats commence. before everything, Chris plans to depart so one can safeguard Hannah. Then he discovers who his enemy is and realizes that he needs to remain and face his adversary, no matter if it ability revealing a mystery he was hoping may stay buried perpetually.

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No," she said, looking at him directly. "I don't think I had a chance to do that. " She didn't think she'd ever look at the hayloft the same way again. When she'd heard a noise, she'd thought it was just one of the kinner being mischievous. Instead, she'd surprised a man—a strong, mysterious man. The strength of his grip had saved her from falling and hurting herself. What she'd felt when he touched her, when he looked deep into her eyes— that had shaken her more than she cared to think. When he looked at her hand on his arm, she let it go.

Jenny exclaimed. " Phoebe shrugged. "You'd just about finished cooking. " The two younger women went to the sink to wash their hands and then seated themselves. Matthew asked for quiet for the blessing, and when Chris glanced in Hannah's direction, she smiled at him before she bent her head. Chris did the same, feeling a familiarity with the ritual from his childhood, grateful for the meal since he hadn't eaten much that day, too eager to make his way here before dark. But his stomach decided to let him know how empty it felt at just that moment, so he quickly piled food on his plate, hoping no one noticed the noise.

Now he had to think of how he could stick around without arousing suspicions. And the woman he would be playing tourist with the next morning—he'd have to be careful around her if he didn't want to make anyone suspicious of his motives. The burns on his chest had made wearing a shirt to bed a bad idea. Now, as Hannah had predicted, the night had turned cool and he felt cold under a top sheet only. He reached for the quilt, unfolded it, and spread it over the bed. Finally at peace, he slept. The next morning, Mary opened the door when Chris knocked.

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