911 Management: A Comprehensive Guide for Leisure Service by Joseph J. Bannon

By Joseph J. Bannon

911 administration provides details invaluable to managers while facing friends, supervisors, subordinates, application individuals, the clicking, and most people. This advisor presents a lifeline for winning organisations through describing how managers handle the fundamental problems with basic administration, human assets, and government improvement. a very good source for ultra-modern supervisor.

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Divulging confidential information. 3. Falsifying time/quality/quantity reports. 4. Claiming credit for someone else's work. 5. Padding an expense account more than 10%. 6. Pilfering company materials and supplies. 7. Accepting gifts/favors in exchange for preferential treatment. 8. Giving gifts/favors in exchange for preferential treatment. 9. Padding an expense account up to 10%. 10. Authorizing a subordinate to violate company rules. 11. Concealing one's errors. 13. Taking longer than necessary to do a job.

The Page 6 coordinator should also discourage anyone from reading lists of ideas prepared prior to the session, because that dampens the freewheeling atmosphere. The coordinator should allow only one idea at a time from each person and should encourage ideas that are sparked by a previous idea. This chain reaction can be stimulated by asking participants to snap their fingers when raising their hands. It is useful to have someone keep track of ideas. Ideas can be jotted down, or better yet, recorded on tape.

Regardless of their position in the organization, managers will find the references at the end of each chapter useful. In addition, the book will serve as a valuable tool for students in leisure studiesthe future managers. Page ix Most importantly, have fun reading this book. Gaining new insights into yourself, your associates, and your organization can be exhilarating, surprising, uplifting, and even embarrassing. At times, most managers take themselves too seriously. I am indebted to many individuals and organizations for sharing these thoughts and ideas.

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