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7 erotische Kurzgeschichten aus: "111 erotische by A. D. Smith, Lisa Cohen, Andreas Müller, Marie Sonnenfeld,

By A. D. Smith, Lisa Cohen, Andreas Müller, Marie Sonnenfeld, Anita Rosenbach, Maggy Dor, Ulla Jacobsen

7 aus 111-mal erregendes Prickeln und atemlose Leidenschaft - in diesem Buch erwartet Sie geballte Sex-Power, die Ihre sinnliche Leselust zum Überkochen bringt! Hier geht es um hemmungslose motion beim Spontansex, Sie lesen von der wilden "Lust wider Willen", vom verruchten intercourse mit einem Fremden, von scharfen Dreier-Spielen und vielem mehr. Langsam verschmelzen dabei Phantasie und Realität und jede Seite bringt neue sexuelle Spannung. Mal ist es der schnelle, spontane Rausch, mal der ganz bewusste, ausgedehnte Sexgenuss, der Sie in diesen Storys in die Welt des grenzenlosen Verlangens entführt. Diese Geschichten dringen bis in die geheimsten Winkel erotischer Phantasien vor, enthüllen die schärfsten Lust-Erlebnisse und können uns auf atemberaubende Weise erregen und mitreißen. Gönnen Sie sich diesen sinnlichen journey in die Welt grenzenloser Erotik-Abenteuer!

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I did love those bananas,” she said. ” He must have sounded sarcastic, but he longed to drag her into his arms and crush the breath out of her. Just holding her would release some of this maddening pressure. Instead, he stepped back. She made a little sound of discontent, but didn’t attempt to hide herself from him this time. She seemed to be offering up every gorgeous, shivery inch for his inspection. A fertility goddess. Moonlit. Moonstruck? He should be so lucky. It pleased him that he wasn’t twitching and salivating like a wolf that had spotted its prey.

I’m Webster’s, my man. ” Natori’s dark eyes twinkled. He propped his mop against the door frame and pulled a feather duster out of his back pocket. ” Jamie cocked a brow. “Are we talking about the word that starts with L? ” Natori carefully dusted the breasts and wings of a marble nude. The statue was a Greek goddess, and Jamie had picked her up at an art auction, thinking she symbolized the VLL philosophy of creating your own sensual reality. Jamie took his inspiration wherever he could find it, even picking up ideas from the guys at the gym, whose male fantasies had inadvertently given him the idea for StripLoc, a line of lingerie with breakaway seams.

She smiled. “Mmm, I can almost taste it, sweet and dripping with juice. ” He let out a tight sigh. So tight it could have been a groan. “It’s hot out here,” he said. ” She ran her fingers inside the neckline of her robe, stroking her flushed skin. She was sticky hot and probably smelled like a strawberry patch. She would have loved a dip, but he didn’t need to know that. “I’ll just get wet,” he said. She smiled. ” He dived in and swam like a dolphin under water. But when he came up, he clutched his side and gave out a howl.

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