101 Other Uses for a Condom by Glenn Haumann

By Glenn Haumann

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To produce hybrid corn, seedsmen must make controlled crosses. At first they did this by removing the male tassels by hand from the female line. To save the high cost of hand detasseling, the seedsmen altered procedures in the 1950's to using a female line with sterile pollen. The sterility is cytoplasmically inherited. By the end of the 1960's essentially all the corn from Miami to Maine and Minnesota had been produced from so-called male-sterile cytoplasm. Suddenly there appeared a new strain ofHelminthosporium maydis that flourished on sterile cytoplasm.

At the s a m e time he also inherited a host of Irish tenants who evidently shared the contempt of the Roman Catholic Irish for the Anglican English, especially Anglican English noblemen. H e responded to their prejudice with a vengeful prejudice of his own. H e saw the Irish tenants who swarmed over his land as ignorant, shiftless, and, to boot, Roman Catholics. COWLIN G played the same symptoms w e see in many hungry nations in the twentieth century. Its population had expanded to the very limits of its food supply.

There was less starvation than in Ireland because European agriculture was more diversified than in Ireland. Nevertheless, the hunger was widespread. This gave great ammunition to radicals like Kossuth, Engels, and Marx who urged the people to insist on new forms of government. Several governments fell in 1848 when an economic depression added to the misery of hunger. Louis Philippe fell in France and government reforms were instituted in Italy, Austria, and Hungary. T h e starvation induced byPhytophthora infestans frightened and worried many people—both citizens and scientists alike.

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